Bróg is an Irish ethical shoe brand We are influenced by Irelands rich history and traditions. The shoes are a modern statement of what it is to be Irish. They are ethically made by highly skilled artisans in Spain and Italy.

‘Our longterm goal is to bring modern shoe manufacturing to Ireland which has a long way to go but we are going to get there one shoe at a time.’

The core foundational concept of Bróg is ‘Maeve’ and is a homage to the famous Irish warrior queen known for her beauty, strength, sensuality and determination. She also was rather ruthless.

Bróg was founded by Danieli Dutra in 2023. Danieli is a Brazilian shoe designer who fell in love with Ireland almost 2 decades ago and has lived here ever since.

A shoe design course at Central Saint Martins in London was where she discovered her passion for shoe design. Fascinated by shoes and the whole manufacturing and craftsmanship process involved in the footwear industry, Danieli embarked on this journey.

In Italy, she had an opportunity to spend a few years learning and understanding the process of making impeccable pristine shoes in the Marche region from incredibly skilled Italian artisans. The authenticity of the designer’s patterns taught her the value of details in the creation process.

This time away lighted a spark to follow her dreams and start her shoe label came to life, and she launched Bróg shoes. Bróg is the Gaelic - Irish word for shoe and reflects the Irish influences of the designer.

 ‘As I began researching I found that there simply wasn’t an established Irish shoe brand (other than traditional shoes for Irish dancing) which evoked what it is and what it means nowadays to be Irish. the Irish culture is so rich, so beautiful and amazing. I wanted to share that with the world through shoes. That beauty is why I moved and stayed here in ireland alongside setting up Bróg’