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Family History

Family is everything and we care about what we do as much as our family. Everyone who works with us is family.

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All our shoes are made by people for people. Skills by hand are a dying art and we understand how important it is to keep these skills alive.


Excellence in Quality

Every single detail and every single compenent to try and find the best possible quality so that our product lasts and is always comfortable whilst looking amazing!



We want you to have fun in whatever your doing and not have to deal with a uncomfortable shoe! And so for us we consider comfort is everything. Every part of the shoe from the sole to the strap has been considered



We want our shoes to be amazing always so by choosing classic timeless shapes and adding our brog twist and irish traditions allows us to be certain our products don’t follow trends and fads.


What we are working on


Recycling And Sustainability

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the sustainability and transparency our packaging materials and leather is sustainable and certified but we have so much more to do and consider it to be an ongoing process.



Making things last as long as possible is crucial to our planet. Thats why we sell our shoe care kits and have a few more tricks up our sleeve - watch this space!

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Leveling Up

We are constantly looking at ways to improve ourselves and our brand thats why we are always moving, looking and listening

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All our shoes are made in Spain!

Spain is one of the best countries in the world for making shoes. We work with our team in Spain to make the shoes as good as they can be. Their wealth of knowledge is invaluable to us. Just as much as their friendship.